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Manufacturing Pro is the professional & affordable software solution for midsize manufacturers looking for more control over their manufacturing process. Our manufacturing software is specifically designed for manufacturers that don't need the additional features of high priced ERP or PLM software packages. With our easy to use, intuitive drag & drop interface, Manufacturing Pro can easily create and edit complex bill of materials, calculate shop floor manufactured part costs, organize manufactured part schedules, manage real-time part inventory - and a whole lot more.

BusinessVision SyncSync With BusinessVision™

Sync info between existing BusinessVision data and Manufacturing Pro. Businesses will save the cost of having to re-train their staff on a new ERP accounting platform.

BusinessVision™ Add-ons...

  BOM ManagementManage Your Bill of Materials

Manufacturing Pro’s hierarchical tree format makes it easy to manage complex BOM assemblies. Users can drag and drop parts from one BOM to another.

BOM Management...

  Shop Floor ManagementControl Your Shop Floor

Calculate your shop floor costs with Manufacturing Pro’s unique part coster. Supervisors can track individual operator & machine production efficiency.

Shop Floor Management...